Encultured is entering the healthcare sector

Posted January 3, 2024

In 2024, at Encultured we're shifting our attention toward healthcare applications of AI.

Originally, when Encultured was founded as a gaming-oriented AI research company, our immediate goal was to make research progress on human–AI interaction that would ultimately benefit humanity well beyond the entertainment sector. Since then, we've considered healthcare as a likely next step for us after gaming. In fact, our founding 5-year business plan proposed a pivot into the healthcare sector in 2027.

Now, in 2024, we believe we should make this transition earlier than expected, for a few reasons:

  • AI technology is legibly ready to contribute to healthcare advances that were much harder to explore and explain in 2022,
  • our team is motivated to improve the health and wellbeing of real people right now, and
  • one of our investors, Jaan Tallinn, has decided to join us as a cofounder in support of this transition.

As for our specific product development plan, we'll post another update when we're ready to announce something new. For now, we're exploring our options by focusing on real-world cases of healthcare failure to better orient and decide how to contribute.

Our vision for 2027 and beyond remains similar, namely, the development of artificial general healthcare: Technological processes capable of repairing damage to a diverse range of complex systems, including human cells, organs, individuals, and perhaps even groups of people. Why so general? The multi-agent dynamical systems theory needed to heal internal conflicts such as auto-immune disorders may not be so different from those needed to heal external conflicts as well, including breakdowns in social and political systems. We don't expect to be able to control such large-scale systems, but we think healthy is the best word to describe our desired relationship with them: As a contributing member of a well-functioning whole.

In 2024, though, our goal is to begin materially assisting the healthcare sector in a concrete and measurable way. It's in some ways a lofty goal for a small team to pursue, but we think it's valuable, achievable, and the right thing for us to be doing.

So what will happen to our game prototypes? To be continued. 🙂